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A question.......


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HI All,

Heres a question for you all......

When Paramotoring first started I presume the intrepid pilots used Paragliding Wings and attached a motor to themselves.

What would the problems be if an existing Paragliding Pilot with a wing bought a Paramotor, would he be able to connect the two and fly 'safely'?

Look forward to hearing peoples views.....


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85Kg. and it was made in 1992....................

The Racer has a 4 Riser System, Which I flew with a speed Bar. I also flew with an Airbulle Harness and reserve.

I only use the Racer for Ground Handling although there's absolutely nothing wrong with it.

I was just curious to find out if you could use a paragliding wing of that vintage with a motor or were wings specifically designed for paramotoring, as I think more modern wings can be dual purpose.


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There are no solid lines here but.....

Although you can use hill wings for PPG flying, I would not fly a 25 square meter anything with an all up of over 100kg when a motor is added.

The age of your wing is a little concerning as well, ALL wings now have much greater collapse resistance & recovery.

The modern Reflex wings are 'paramotor specific' wings although a Synthesis on slow trim works well on the hill.

The answer from me, is not no.... but no thanks for me mate.


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Hi Woody

A couple questions that may help with a more accurate response to your Question from other members of the forum.

What DHV rating is this wing?

If it's a high rating say a 2-3 or 3 and you haven't flown for a while. Would you like to use this as a Paramotoring wing?

When was the actual wing last flown.



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My response is somewhat different to the others so far.

I say NO absolutely not, no- way

You have a DHV3 wing here that is designed for racing. The extra drag of a paramotor will make it an already pitch-not-very-stable wing into a "pitch unstable" wing.

On top of that the design is from 1991 so 5 evolutions old. My DHV1-2 paragliding wing can outclimb it and has a higher top speed but with hugely better collapse recovery and resistance - and is great as a PPG wing.

In short wings have come a long long way since your Racer was designed and, whilst great in its day it is now (by comparison to modern wings) a dinosaur. Modern wings both PPG specific and PG/dual purpose are better for both PPG and, if you want, hill soaring, than that old edel ever was.

If you want to get out onto the front end of PPG on a high end wing then get the latest design, e.g. Dudek Plasma.

If you want a dual purpose wing but more towards PPG get a Synthesis and if you want more soaring get pretty much any DHV1-2 from the modern range.


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Wow there are some really great answers there, so thanks everone.

Dont worry I have no plans to attach a motor to this at all. I only use it for Ground Handling....

I thought it was an interesting question to pose and its got some great responses.



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