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Last Stages of Motor choice Help


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Hi Guys need a bit of help here,

This is my first Paramotor but I have about 100hrs flying PG about 50/50coastal and inland thermic,

I am in western Australia and we don't have to many PPG pilots here and I am in a bit of a quandry as to what engine to get? I am 97kg (fat bastard)

I have decided on the Kangook frame. I want to achieve some long distance Bivaque flying up the coast from perth to Broome, Gibb Rv Rd, A trip from esperence to Albany is being planned for Dec, I have mapped out on google Earth but the north trip has a distance of 200km between fuel stops (although I may be able to arrange with a station to hold some fuel)

I was thing the new Ros 125 electric start, or the Vittorazi moster 185? But have been tossing up either the cyclone 160 Rotron or the Bailys V4200 , i read somewhere that these are for experienced pilots ? Why ? Is the weight or the power? Several of the boys have all learnt with Kobra Roccos and they have had no dramas at all (all coming from PG)

My main concern is that I will have to carry my own oil as the roadhouses won't have it and just fueling up with unleaded sounds good to me as well, Plus they are more economical ,quieter, heavier yes but I can go further with the fuel.

I can't seem to find any follow up info on how these motors are behaving themselves either? Are they lasting the distance Has anyone had any experience with the Moster 185, bailys or Rotron 160?

So fuel economy is important as well as a bit of power as I will be carrying some food, water and sleeping kit.

yes I know you may ask support vehicle , I would prefer to do it alone or with a friend and as an ex Kimberley tour guide I just love getting amongst it.

Anyway i would appreciate some feed back from some knowledgable people.

Good luck with the Oz adventure for those going .

And if anyone wants to come to WA we have just started a new PPG forum (Club is being finalized) please visit us

http://skypirates.freeforums.org/index. ... 8fcd5883c5


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I can only give an opinion on my Bailey 175. I'm very pleased with it but I have never achieved their fuel economy figures of 2 litres/hour. I tend to get 3 -3.5 hours to a 10 litre tank full but I am flying a Dudek Synthesis 34 which does tend to be power hungry. I have found it very reliable but the only complaint I have is with the battery. It must be fully charged in order to start the motor. And with no safe way of manually starting, it has left me in the occasional predicament. However, I have noticed that Bailey have now brought out a more powerful battery to compensate for this.

As for WA, it's my 2nd home. I used to work in a tiny town called Jerramungup many years ago. It's about 2 hours north of Albany. I try to go back as often as I can to see the family I used to work for. One day, I could easily see myself living in WA. (Not more Poms I hear you saying!)

Anyway, I hope others give you more feedback.

All the best


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thanks Chris

Beautiful down that way and some great flying along the coastline Free as well as PPG. The Baileys is getting to hard and the Rotron is working out very dear as well . I will probably give up the sole bivaque flying on my own for a little while and just stick with the 3 to 400km ones . Looks like I am going the Kangook Moster 185 16l tank and empty weighs in at 23.5kg with harness so a saving of at least 8kg over the others. Except the RoS

Mate your welcome whats one more compared to the 1000nds already here.

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