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Busy day


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Had a call from Diver Dan first thing to ask if I was going flying. Turned it down as I wanted to go to make sure Patrick was fitting his reserve correctly to his new miniplane, so Dan flew out there, via half of Dartmoor, on the way. He fell short of Patrick's by about 2 miles, with a shredded drive belt ! How does that happen ? So I picked him up and took him to meet Patrick. Got reserve fitted and hang tested him. He fancied groundling it with the wing so we went to a large field. Bit windy for Patrick so I asked if I could try to fly his kit. Didn't really expect to get aloft with his 23 metre Apco Thrust and a poxy little 80 cc machine, at almost 15 stone. Well I was astonished. I even got a reasonable rate of climb.

Miniplane Top 80, tiny little wing, nothing special on glide performance either, and a fat bloke with a light wind blowing at about 7 mph. You could walk around all day with this thing on yer back. It weighs 18-5 kgs. Starts first pull with no choke. So quiet I didn't even block my ears.

Fair play

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