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How to size a synthesis?


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Im looking for some advice on sizing a Dudek Synthesis for PPG.

Im 80kg in normal clothes, paramotor weight circa 25kg, plus 6-7 kgs fuel, plus a few bits and bobs say 2kg suit 1kg, so all up weight IRO 115kg or so.

Looking at the Dudek site Im not sure whether I should look for Syntheses 29 or 31 as Im on the border of the two sizes from what I can see, and from reading a little on here it seems reflex wings are sized slightly different to non reflex ones.

All advice very gratefully received!!

Steve PG solo done, PPG solo in waiting :lol::?:?

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Hi Dingocooke,

I am all up weight 135kg and fly (not very often it must be said) a Synthesis 31, and from my VERY short flying experience, it is rock solid. The best chap to talk to is Clive Bunce, the Dudek UK distributor, or even Simon himself, but as you may or may not know, they're all getting lashed tonight at the club Christmas do, so you won't get any replies from them at least until tomorrow!!!!

Cheers, Chris

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Hi Dingocooke

I see that you included some fuel in your all up weight. I read this on the Dudek website the other day as to weather or not you include fuel in your all up weight. I thought this might help you work out your all up weight. This is what they had to say.


Is fuel included in take-off weight?

Total in-flight weight in any circumstances should not be lower than minimal weight given in paraglider's technical data. Since pilot sometimes can be flying with negligible amount of fuel (e.g. when returnig form a long flight) or even without any fuel at all (after a thermalling practice), the fuel is Not included in take-off weight.

If we are to draw any conclusions from PG certificates which we are forced to obtain for our PPG wings, they show that flying an underloaded wing can result with a delayed exit from a parachutal stall (if it occurs). Therefore it's the minimal take-off weight (i.e. without fuel) that we must consider when choosing correct wing size for PPG flying. Possible exceeding of maximal take-off weight with full tank does not bring substantial changes in paraglider's behaviour, aside of slight increase in wing loading and speed.

I Hope this helps a little, Im sure Simon or Clive will give you more advice.

Gilly. :)

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