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  1. Hi bongy, we sometimes fly from a field up at carsington, you are more than welcome to come and fly with us. Once the weather starts to get better we are up their most weekends and evenings. Paddy trains up there so he is up their more than me. C u up there, Gilly.
  2. Hi, just got back from Frankfurt. Very enjoyable. A bit bumpy along the way. Not sure if Paddys flying back, or staying there. Hopefully Miles will join us on the next cross country. Just been flying in my jet on Google earth. Its a hidden feature if nobody knows about it. Its the only flying ive been able to do just lately. You need the Google earth version which allows you to look into space. Go to normal earth mode and press CTRL and A together and it will come up. You can then fly around your paramotor site in a jet fighter. Hopefully someone will have something to say soon.
  3. I have for sale a Large size, Apco Thrust wing. This wing is, as new condition as it has only done around 2 hours flying. This wing is only approx 6 months old. It is cen/afnor standard rating, excellent safe, stable, beginner wing. The weight range is 100-155 kgs, all up weight. The colour is blue leading edge going to red. This wing flies great, take off speed and landing speed is nice and steady, ideal for a beginner and at full speed will do 50 kph. Check out www.apcoaviation.com for more details. The only reason im selling is to upgrade to a more sporty wing. For a picture of the wing, look at my pictures in the album section, in Gilly, and you will see me flying it back in august. SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD Wayne. ( AKA Gilly)
  4. Hi Steve, just to say i hope you had a good christmas and i have edited that video for you. i will get it sent off to you as soon as i have time. I cant get it any better than how it is. I hope you like it. Ive tried to make it so that you will fly again. all the best . Gilly. (wayne) P.S. see you in 2008
  5. Hi Steve. Have a great christmas yourself. Sit back and relax. And who knows, next year when the summers here, and a paramotor comes flying over your house, you might decided to give it another shot. You know where we are. All the best. Gilly. P.S. I will get that video done for you so you can see that you looked great flying, and maybe it wasnt that bad after all.
  6. Hi Steve. well its sad to see that you have decided not to take it up any further. If you ever change your mind you know where we are. Gilly.
  7. Hi Steve, you looked ok to me, and i bet you`ve still got a big smile on your face this morning. (just remember to put your landing gear down next time. LOL ) I have got one picture of you, but as for the video, the quality was a bit poor as i had it set wrong, if i get chance i will stick it on a disc for you. If you send me your email address into my personal message box i will send you the pic. I will upload a few of paddy into my album. Gilly
  8. Hi, Dingocooke (steve) & Paddy, Let me be the first to congratulate you Steve on your first solo flight, lets hope the first of many. It was great to catch up with you paddy and meet you steve, ( even though i was freezing my Bo-----s off.) Let`s get christmas out the way and then we can arrange a small cross country flight to start the new year off as we meen to go on. It would have been nice to meet up with Kev again (bendmeroundthehedge) I think its a classic case of, i know you but you might not remember me. I was up at viaton the day my friend clipped your paramotor when i was flying, if that helps kev. Oh well, see you all soon. Gilly.
  9. Hi Dingocooke I see that you included some fuel in your all up weight. I read this on the Dudek website the other day as to weather or not you include fuel in your all up weight. I thought this might help you work out your all up weight. This is what they had to say. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Is fuel included in take-off weight? Total in-flight weight in any circumstances should not be lower than minimal weight given in paraglider's technical data. Since pilot sometimes can be flying with negligible amount of fuel (e.g. when returnig form a long flight) or even without any fuel at all (after a thermalling practice), the fuel is Not included in take-off weight. If we are to draw any conclusions from PG certificates which we are forced to obtain for our PPG wings, they show that flying an underloaded wing can result with a delayed exit from a parachutal stall (if it occurs). Therefore it's the minimal take-off weight (i.e. without fuel) that we must consider when choosing correct wing size for PPG flying. Possible exceeding of maximal take-off weight with full tank does not bring substantial changes in paraglider's behaviour, aside of slight increase in wing loading and speed. I Hope this helps a little, Im sure Simon or Clive will give you more advice. Gilly.
  10. Hi Mag, Your more than welcome to come flying with us, more the merrier i say. Contact myself, or paddy, from paddys paramotor training, and we will let you know when we will be flying. Paddy`s usually up there more than myself, but hoping to get plenty of hours in next year and do a few cross countrys with paddy and a few others. See you up there. Gilly.
  11. Hi, does anyone know if the Paramotor Mission Everest, is going to be shown on T.V. I think i over heard someone saying at the NEC that it was going to be shown soon. If so could you let me know when, and which channel. Cheers.
  12. Never been one to leave it until the last minute.. Looking at the weather i dont think i will be flying for a while. Lets get christmas out the way, and things will start looking up, hopefully a great summer (doubt it though)
  13. Thats put you on the map paddy!! Hopefully people will get an idea where we fly from now. Have you phoned the farmer regarding this tip to tip flight, or are you waiting until you go up and have a fly.
  14. Nice to see you`ve joined us paddy. Let us know the next time your up at Viaton. I want to see how the GT goes.
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