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Flying Tandem

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Hi All,

I am looking to start paramotoring but as yet have no paragliding / paramotoring experience. As the cost of the equipment and training would stretch our finances quite thin I have had to make various promises and concessions with my wife as I am a serial hobbyist. :P Basically she wants to fly with me but doesn't want to be at the controls. I thought that as she is only 43kg (she is very small!) that she would be a good person take on a tandem.

I am just not sure on how I would get to the point where I could fly a tandem. Should I get good at paramotoring solo first and then move on to tandem? From what little could gather on the internet it sounds like tandem flight adds a lot of complications? Perhaps I should first learn to paraglide tandem?

I was also wondering whether it would be possible to buy a wing and motor that would suit me (I am 85kg) for solo flights and then simply change the wing at a later date? If so what power and wing size should I be looking for?

Any answers you can offer would be appreciated!

Dugald (Glasgow)

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the first thing to do is get proper training to paramotor and then get a lot of hours in before you even think of doing tandem.

I have over 500 hours and just starting getting in to tandem but will not be taking anyone other than good pilots (who know what they are doing) for the first 10-20 flights or until I am happy with my own performance.

You need a powerful motor to get you off the ground as quick as possible, you will not get a wing that will cover both weight ranges.

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