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My Parajet Prop


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I've just returned from a trip over to Membury to visit Simon and Pete B for some advice on some problems that I've been having with my Parajet compact.

Most of the problems were just little niggles that Pete sorted out with a clean of the carb and a tune up. What was really worrying me was the clearance between my brand new 3 piece prop (the new type with the interlocking blades and the little winglets) and the lower pulley. Although it was OK after a ground run after my first flight with the new prop I noticed that a small crescent shaped groove had been worn across the back of all 3 blades. As luck would have it Pete had been doing some work on his own motor and just happened to have a brand new pulley AND an older one that we could compare. Guess what, the new pulley was shorter! Somewhere along the line they've also updated the way that the pulley is secured to the starter ring; some have 3 securing bolts and others have 4. Pete very kindly offered me his new pulley but the swap over was complicated by the fact that the securing bolts had all been centre punched to stop them working loose. In the end I modified the old pulley (with a hacksaw) and everything is now fine.

So the moral of the story is that if you fit a new prop make sure that there is enough clearance between it and the bottom pulley. Also if you think that you might need a shorter pulley check whether yours is secured by 3 or 4 bolts. And if the securing bolts have been centre punched you might need to expend a bit of effort to get the old one off. Pete said that he had to heat his one up to get it off.

A big thanks to Pete for his help, a true gent as always, and sorry again Simon :oops:



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