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Lightweight Battery for Corsair Black Devil M25Y or M21Y

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I am looking to find a light weigh battery to replace my current lead acid one. I want one that I can just leave in place and have the on board charging of the engine keep it topped up.

I have seen this link:


but there is no detail of where to buy one, It also is pictured with a standalone charge, but I would like to know if it would chatge correctly from the engine.

Also I found this which suggests it would work but any experience.




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Hi Barry,

I too have a Black Devil electric start & the battery is heavy!

You can replace the lead acid with a LiPo battery but you must remove the charging part of the onboard electrics as you can not charge a LiPo using the current electrics. I dont know how to do this.

There is a bit of discussion about this across the pond as there are lots of Black Devil users over there.

There is also a BlackDevil group on yahoo - its actually called 'Corsairengines'

I'm sure there is something there about LiPo batteries.

Emailing the group or Alex Varve might help.

Hope that helps,


ps: what kind of fuel consumption do you get and what wing are you flying?

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