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Hello from south cheshire

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Hi folks,

I've been flying RC helicopters for a while now which has really got me interested in flight of all types so here I am.

I was looking at flex wing micro lighting but the cost and practicality of storage is a big issue so its not for me.

Now then I came across a vid on you tube and I was just blown away, you may have seen it (Chasing the Severn bore) and ever since I go to bed dreaming and wake still thinking about paramotoring and that's before I've even seen one fly for real.

I'm self employed and have just won a four year contract which wont make me rich but will leave me in a better position than I am now, which is dire to say the least, and so if all goes well I'm going to treat myself to some para kit towards the end of the year for all the hard work I know I'm going to be doing.

Hopefully in 3-4 months from now I'll have enough dough to start my training but I don't know where to start.

Are there any clubs near me where I can get some info?? I'm not far from Congleton Cheshire and not too far from Staffordshire either.

Any help appreciated



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I'm in Lymm and fly a fair bit with the guys at manchesterparagliders.com. There's also a good bunch in Stoke who Ive met if that's better for you. eg Macey2KK from this forum.

I lived in Congy for a bit - bet there are some great fields around there. Do you know any farmers? :D


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hi sean...

( hello again arcus! )

im from sneyd green ( nr hanley ), and fly regularly with a bunch of lads from barlaston , nr trentham gardens...just secured a field in rhode heath too, although not seen it yet!!..

you are welcome to come watch us and have a chat with us anytime....if its flyable, theres always one or two of us up there..and you will learn alot..

i go on hols for 10 days on sunday, but when im back you are more than welcome to come have a look at us...

macey2kk on youtube for some vids of our field.

if you want to pm you number to me il have a chat with you sometime..

cheers bud.

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Thanks Macey and Arcus,

I live right near rhode heath in scholar green so I'd love to come check it out and have a chat when your free, nice one Macey

Mob- 07583029227.

Arcus, I used to live in Warrington and I'm up there quite a lot too so be good to see what you do in Lymm also.

Thanks for all the info and invites, the more advice I get the better, hope to see you both soon.



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