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Wanted: Wing & kit (eg Revo 28 or similar for Motor/hill)


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Hi Guys,

Just started course with Simon, and realising how true the advice to get a wing is ! (especially as I have a perfect ground handling space, with clean air, designated for power kite use, within walking distance !).

So if anyone is upgrading or selling up and would like to sell me a wing for paramotoring, (with option to paraglide at some stage), plus any of the other kit i'll need, please PM.

I'm 92Kg so in the middle of the Revo 28 size - but would consider any suitable, crispy, stable, easy launch beginner wing. Also any other kit such as , Ground handling Harness, reserve, etc. etc.

I'm Also watching ebay, and counting pennies for a new revo2 (but that's quite a commitment, and still more kit needed).


Mark 01753 772990

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Windsor Great park - in a marked out space on opposite side of the path [prince consort drive] to the model flying area. BUT do not abuse/use other areas or use could be suspended. The model Flyers have to pay £50/year.

on google: http://maps.google.co.uk/?ie=UTF8&hq=&h ... 6&t=h&z=16

Thanks for PM's .. I'm looking £500 to £1500 ideally with accessories/training harness or might as well by a new revo2 (is that so tight ? :-) . Wish I knew more 'word on the street' what are the best alternative wings (to dudek & paramania or...... standby for some calls Simon/Colin :-).

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