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Amazing early morning flight...


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A missing camera moment....

I had the most amazingly smooth flight this morning and flew out through the top of the most solid inversion I have ever had the pleasure to fly through.

A quick blat out to Avebury circles and back in strong but VERY SILKY air.

not one thermal, not one flutter, nothing but silky flying. the wing felt 100% a part of me for the 70-mins

Time to dig out and charge my cameras, the sight was truly mind blowing. (like the one below which I took a couple of years ago but 50X more defined!!!!!!).

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looks like falling out of bed early paid off for you... :) me and two other mates had a early one last weekend.....it was soooo good I was laughing all through the flight just blown away by it all its very hard to explain to someone who doesnt fly how you feel .....sets you up for the rest of the day.....as I sat down after the flight having a early morning cuppa....we all sat there just grinning from ear to ear....with the occasional laugh thrown in good times :):):)

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