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Flying at Shabbington

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Shabbington is not available at the moment due to the field being used for growing grass for sillage.

Stephen is happy for us to use it as last year but we will not be able to fly from there for another 3-4 weeks when the grass is cut. After that we have it back.

I have not discussed money yet but I expect it to be the same as last year.

I will keep you informed, meanwhile we need somewhere else to fly in this nice weather.

Any ideas?


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We had an amazing day at the flag pole!

It was windy (although awesome now) but we got loads of training done with the 12 meter Dudek's

They made such a good use of the day, I have just placed my order for another one to add to the school kit.

Your all more than welcome at the flag pole as always...

PS ( I am currently looking into buying some land, meeting with the bank on Monday :-) )


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Hi Guys

My Name is Blaze and has just joined your forum and am desperate to get airborne again.

I currently live in Burnham near Slough. Have been trying to get back flying for the last year. Got brand new engine seating in the shed and waiting.

I have driven endless miles around Berks and Bucks looking for suitable fields to fly from.

Yesterday I was near your area in all that rain checking out some fields that I select looking from satellite photos on Google but feel uncomfortable to use any without owner's consent knowing tat may damage the sports repputation. Also could do with some company as well as I find flying on my own a bit boring.

I have been involved in paramotoring since 2001 and have many hours mainly abroad. Have not been flying since coming back to UK in May 2009.

Also have been involved in PM manufacturing while away from UK producing the Synergy model for Uptimal.com US for few years. Could offer myself to assist in accident repairs and have full TIG welding setup for aluminium and stainless at my disposal. Please get in touch with some info on flying activities so I can possibly join the flock.

Looking forward to some action

Till then



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