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Hello from the land down under!!!


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Hi Guys

Its being a while, A big hello to Pete and Simon (prop the only two guys who know me on this forum)

I was living in the UK until march this year. Myself and my missus have packed the bags immigrated over to oz, Sydney to be exact.

Its all going sweet over here both of us got great jobs and we have sweet apartment 3 min from the beach.

My paramotor is now floating along with the rest of my toys making its way to Australia should be here in about 5 weeks as long as the boat doesn't get hijacked, Frame is being made for me as we speak.

Really looking forward to some good flights here in OZ in the next couple of months I should have some videos to upload. The scenery out here is second to none so should make for some good videos. I may be taking a trip over to Fiji with the paramotor with a mate around Sept time.

It doesn't look like we will be going anywhere for the foreseeable future. Paramotoring is not that big here, I may bolt on paramotorclub Sydney club into this forum.

I got just one question. I am about to order my prop which is going to be a helix prop.

My motor is polini thor,

Frame will cater for either

H30 F 1,25m R-M-07-2

H30 F 1,30m R-M-06-2

I weight about 75kg

Wing is medium size !!!

What size prop would you get why. Is it more beneficial to have a bigger prop.

Thanks guys

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