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Building a frame/cage.......

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I need to either build or buy a frame to replace my Rad MXL as it's just too small for nil wind takeoffs ( whole point of the ppg for me when it's not hill flyable).

I ve been looking for a used RAD arrow frame/cage to no avail and now i' m considering either finding someone to build a frame or building one myself. It would need to be similar to the RaD frame do I could transfer everything.

This would make a really interesting project for me. Should have thought about this in the winter though.

I don't have a ring roll bender and that causes a problem making the hoops for the cage. I can get a mig and access to a workshop so that's covered. I' m wondering which is best the stainless thinwall water pipe or 4130 cromoly ( which I think would need tig welding).

If anyone else has done this I would be grateful if you could let me know how you went about doing it.

I can't find anything on google about ring roll benders in the NE but there must be someone nearby given the Tyne Valleys industrial heritage. It's just where?

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