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H&E r120


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I've been offer a H&E r120 and wanted to know everyones thoughts on this paramotor.

I have had mixed reviews, some say they are great and other people say don't touch with a barge pole as they are always seizing or blowing a piston.

Are the newer engines more reliable??

Any info would be greatly appreciated


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- slightly heavier than they should be

- not as powerful as equivalent PAP

- cage hits you on the back of the legs when you run

- dreadful hand throttle

- gearboxes are problematic

- engine and exhaust mounts can crack

but... they are relatively cheap and there are many far, far worse. If the price is right and you are a suitable weight then it is worth considering.

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Yes, I certainly don't mean to put you off, just point out the known issues. Most paramotors have more known issues than this... where do I start! As Dan says get the biggest prop/cage you can manage as that will give you more thrust and fuel efficiencies meaning you can launch with a lighter fuel load or have a longer endurance.

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