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Hi all .

whats the diffrence in parmotoring to paragliding , other than the engine, as in the training aspect. The diffence to jumping of a big cliff to a nice flat field !!

I have done all my ep, cp hill rating in the peaks .

do i really need any further training with a glider using a motor.?

If i would have had no training with one then i can totally understand .

But would i need it with a paramotor ?


Gareth .

Worksop, nottinghamshire

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Hi Gareth,

If you have good ground handling skills, can forward & reverse launch easily, and can control your glider when ridge soaring or mild turbulence in thermals, then you are pretty much there with the wing already. It feels different on the ground with a heavy motor and bulky cage but you will be surprised how quickly you get used to it. Like scuba diving the gear feels awkward until it is in its natural element. :)

One habit you will need to break is leaning forward to launch, as that will just put you on your face with a powered up motor. Other than that, adding power is similar to increasing the slope of the hill. Once in the air it handles almost as normal providing you don't upset the wing with sudden changes in power. Landing is a bit steeper and faster but otherwise the same.

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Hi Gareth,

One habit you will need to break is leaning forward to launch, .

I find another is that hill pilots converting to power are always in a rush to turn around during a reverse launch.


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