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Can you f'kin believe it!!!!!!!!


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The boss gave me the day off today (boss=me)!!

Lovely day for flying.

So got two 20ltr jerry cans mixed up for a day of flying. Had a XC route planned down to my brothers house in Robertsbridge. the idea was to fly down have a coffee and chat and fly back. In addition a few local flights from my flying field when I got back and a few before I went.

Had an appointment at the doctors this morning 7.20am (yes!! that early so I could have the whole day to myself). It was to solve a shoulder problem I got sledging with my son at Christmas, doctor suggested hydroquartozone (excuse the spelling) to repair the muscle.

I agreed and after it he told me do nothing for the first 24 hours and then slowly work it.

In a nut shell..............no flying today!!!!!!! :cry:

Boy am I tempted to just ignore him and go out and play.......long term it might not be a good idea.

But then Sunday is a possible for me this neck of the woods.............wonder if flying could be classed as 'gentle exercise'? :wink:

All those flying......have a good one!!!


(jealous?......nahhhhh............................not many Benny!!!!!!! :evil::evil::evil::evil::evil: )

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I Also have the day off and can't beleive that it is not pissing down with rain or blowing a hoolie!With steady 8mph Easterly's given from 10:00 to sunset, last time I looked, I am leaving shortly to go do some ground handling.

If the cortisone jab works as well on you as the one in my elbow worked on me last year, things will feel grate in a couple of days. Lasted about two months but think I may be in line for another one soon.


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