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Howdie folks


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Hi Worcester peeps

I have been a little absent of late. Weather's been a bit rough and work has been so busy and involving lately that its been taking most of my attention. Bummer!!! Hopefully will start to coincide time and weather to get out on the motor a bit. I got an hour free flying on the Malverns last weekend which was nice but a bit sodding cold though, after landing I spent 10 minutes hopping round the field with hot aches the like of which I was previously unaware of! and that was with wearing 2 pairs of good gloves.

See yall soon.

Anyone going flying then drop me a line.


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Hello Dan,

We've had a good couple of months recently, but March has been a bit dismal so far. We use the take off field at Powick (any direction) and drift off XC where ever we fancy, Jock, Mike and myself are fairly regular (at least once a month), but we all have our own local fields as a preference.

If you get cold free flying after an hour, you'll be cold on the motor after 10 minutes... Have you tried an Ozee millenium suit? I can motor around in mine for an hour without issues.



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Hi richard

I actually own a nice Advance suit but most of the time I just prefer to wear my Down Jacket, especially when free flying. That way If I land near a pub I don't look like a nob when I go in for a pint, LOL.

"I" was OK at the Malverns, I had my Down Jacket on and was quite toasty but man, my hands were numb after only a few minutes. It was about as cold as my hands have ever been. I went climbing at the Roaches over Christmas (Desperate I know, but I had just bought a new Bouldering mat as a present to myself) whilst there was snow on the ground and my hands weren't even close to that cold.

I've never been too bad on the motor, probably because I can fly hands off for much longer. No need to be constantly staying in lift etc.

Hope to meet up soon, I have allways been busy when you've met up with Jock.

I'm getting a Lipo kit for my motor and a TST kit form Vince soon so will be desperate to get out.


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