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Go Pro advice please.


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I have a Go pro, non HD.

For the last 3 flights I have mounted it and hit record.

For whatever reason, all 3 vids have maxed out at a whopping 7 seconds of footage. ?? Why wont it record past 7 seconds....

Anyone else had this problem.


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Are you using the same SD card that you've always used?

When I brought my HD version I tried 3 different cards before I could get one that would work with it. Mainly down to me being a cheapskate and buying poor quality Chinese made Transcend cards!

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I use one for Indoor skydiving, Paintballing, Scuba and on my car :)

I have had the same problem at times.

1 The first thing is to make sure you have the latest firmware on your GoPro, You can find this on the GoPro website with directions how to upgrade if not. This will allow you to run larger sized memory cards and iron out a few bugs as well im sure, (up to 8 Gb now i believe.

2 The batteries are the next thing i would look at. Make sure the ones you are using are NEW... dont use anything other than LIthium batteries. ( I use Energizer Ultimate Lithium AAA)

Even if the little symbol says they are good they probably are not, This is even more important in Cold or High Vibration Situations.

3 SEE POINT 2 very important....lol... ;)

4 Try formatting the memory card. THEN Record a short clip at Home and see if its saved when you plug it into your Pc. The Reason i say do this at home is i tried this once thought the card was empty and found i could only record 12 mins of footage. I didn't have another card with me so missed lots of good stuff :(

You can delete all the stuff on the card by selecting the delete all function and pressing the shutter button on the GoPro.

Dont mean to teach you to suck eggs sorry. if you dont have a manual you can get it from there website the link is.


If the camera is recording short clips it is likely to be a battery related problem and the camera is saving the files before automatically shutting down.

Also if it works at home take new batteries with you when you go out.... chances are they will run out at the worst possible time...

Hope me waffling on helps. Its a great little camera even if it is quite battery heavy.


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