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Fuel dye

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Is there anything out there that will dye petrol.

I run four stroke and my tank has a yellow pipe so i find it hard to see exactly how much fuel i have left in sunny conditions.

I dont want anything that will cock up my motor or that will damage the pipes... will normal food dye work????

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The fuel dye works well, but will stain the inside of your clear fuel lines blue, making it almost impossible to see if there is fuel in them. Made my Bailey fuel level gauge all but useless until I had rinsed the system several times with stock petrol.

Caveat emptor.


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Thanks for that

I have as yet not used it due to the windy weather i am having down here might not use it now!!

How long did it take to stain the fuel lines etc as i am only thinking about using it when i plan to do thermaling XC's so not using it all the time.

I might order some tubing from Bailey just incase!!!

Thanks for the advise

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