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Charly Clou SAS Reserve Parachute for Sale

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As new !, this has been used for a total of just 6 documented hours.

Surplus to requirements.

Has been stored in house, never been deployed.

£275, give me a ring on 07887500703 Steve,

Below is blurp fro Charly....

Charly Clou 2 SAS

The SAS version of the Clou 2 incorporates a Shock Absorption System, and is thus DHV certified up to a maximum of 140kg, while attaining the same descent rate as the standard system. The weight is only slightly higher at 2.68kg.

Charly's top model: Simple to pack middle line rescue reserve with integrated packing loops on the apex.

High DHV-tested loading.

High quality non-permeable rescue parachute silk F111 of German manufacture guarantees rapid deployment and minimum sink speed.

According to the DHV-test the sink speed is still acceptable even with 140 kg loading.

An aid chute connected to the inner container results in a rapid stretching of the canopy lines and thus a faster opening of the canopy.

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Hi Matt

The recommended descent rate under a reserve is not to exceed 5.5 meters a second as this is when injuries got a lot worse and the chance of a fatality on landing start to come into play.

I found the following website indicating a sink rate of 4.6 to 5.1m/s at 120kgs:-

http://www.finsterwalder-charly.de/html ... ung_gs.php

This means that at 95kgs all up you should come down slower than that, which is a good thing.

I too have an oversized reserve, Apco Mayday 18 with a similar all up weight.

The philosophy is that although a smaller reserve will open fully quicker, a bigger reserve will open to the same area in the same timescale and then continue to increase in size.

Hiope this of help




Is your reserve still for sale.

Im all up 95kgs is it my size?


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