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Apco Vista HP (S)

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I know Paul at AXB has flown these wings (searched forum)

Specifically interested in the landing and take off characteristics due to it

being a relatively small wing (for me, 92kg pw) and also the dynamic

capabilities in flight.

Let me know your experiences. I'll then make a judgement as to whether a demo on

one (S) is in order. This will be a second wing to complement my 32sqm DHV2 PG

wing which will still be used for thermalling flights.



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Hello Richard,

I fly an Apco Vista HP (s) & find it very easy to launch & land. I am only 63kg & fly my own designed & built Paramotor weighing in at 19.75kg inc harness. It is a very good cross country wing, i flew Pauls (AXB) demo, a medium as he never had a small at the time & felt very much at ease with the Vista HP. Being so light i decided a small was the way to go but to be honest i think you would need the medium, it is only 24.7 M.

I have a short video of the launch on you tube:

regards Geoff

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Hello Richard,

I fly the Vista HP (s), easy to launch, turns really well, very good cross country wing.

It climbs well & is also less power hungry than some of the full reflex wings.

Landing is easy, bleed off speed, good flare & thats it, no hidden vices.

It is a very good cross country wing & if you look on you tube i have a short video.

[Paramotor Launch] (


I would go for a medium if i were you.

regards Geoff

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