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Apco Allegro?


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Hey folks,

Someone has offered me an Apco Allegro wing for £300.

Apparently it's in MINT condition (crispy with bag etc).

(It's also the right size for my weight range)

I've looked for info online and found the info on Apco's site (in the Discontinued range).

Has anyone used/flown one? Is it any good...and is that a good price?

I currently fly a Go Fly with I bought off Skyschool when I finished my course back in April. Since then I've racked up nearly forty hours of flying and have been considering changing wings...

Is this worth a look? (He's said he'll loan it to me to inspect/test).



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Hi there

Looking on the Para2000 website shows the Apco Allegra model:-


If it is this wing, my specific concerns would relate to its age, 10 years is a lot for a wing, and the fact that a modern wing is safer in design and testing.

Crispy means nothing, porosity is the key. Getting it checked out by Aerofix or the Loft would confirm whether the wing is in a suitable flying condition. However this costs in the region of £50 plus postage plus any repairs necessary and may therefore be uneconomic.

Even then this does not help in respect of the design. Significant performance and safety advances have been made in the intervening period and the testing procedures are now to a higher standard.

Of course it is your choice but IMHO this would not be a step forward from the Go Fly.

A better move may be towards a low end reflex wing like the Revolution or Synthesis.

Try before you buy though.

Hope this of help.



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