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Just introducing the Somerset Branch of the Paramotor Club - "The Teradactyles'. Motto:- "Onward & Upward!"

I think Simon always had the idea of a central organisation sprouting off Clubs in their own regions and this is the first such.

We should really be called the West Country Branch I suppose because that hopefully will be from where we draw our compatriot pilots but it sounded too grand. So Somerset it was.

I am about to move to Babcary in Somerset (11th Dec), just North of RNAS Yeovilton and will look around for somewhere to fly from. I already have the offer of a field(s) to use (another paramoteur) but would not want to abuse a kindness by suggesting it turned into a club flying field. There are a great number of open spaces over here and farmers who might welcome a spot of diversification... We will have to see how things develop.

The map locates us, it will be a while before we are up and running as a club proper, the best things develop slowly. Perhaps this corner of the main forum could act as a point of focus for anyone down our way to find the like minded and maybe meet up in the air or elsewhere? Who knows. It will be what we make it either way.

Either way, please feel free to join. I can assure you that the welcome and ethos to be found at Lambourn will make its way to Somerset.


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Anyone welcome, no club joining fees. When I find a field to fly from we will see what the financial arrangement for usage turns up. The club will be 'virtual' for a while until then.

Just join the main Paramotor Club forum then PM/email me with a request to join the Somerset Branch and you are in!

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