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Shropshire Newbee looking for instruction and club

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The motor is a bit light on power (and might test your welding skills in the exhaust area!) but it is nice and light on your back which coupled with your 80kg weight and relative youth you should find that combo fine for training. The 2002 designed Pheron is also sometimes branded as the Nova Rotor (unfortunate choice of name bearing in mind what we do) and I think there were a few people paramotoring on Rotors recently who said it was quite good under power for a PG wing. Bearing in mind the low power power output of the Racket engine it's probably wise to be on a non-reflex wing like the Pheron.

The 2 days PG training a few years back won't be totally lost as you have some idea of what lies ahead with regard to wing handling. How much did you pay for your kit?

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