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Walbro to Bing

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Just uploaded a video to YouTube, Walbro to a Bing, including fuel pump pressure test, harness modification, reserve hook up and some safety tips.

At the end of the clip, I am pressure testing a Vittzorazi Easy 100. If anybody is interested in this engine, I am open to offers. Selling it as a PULL START ONLY. As you can see in the clip, the starter motor housing has broken away. Apart from that, it is in excellent condition and is complete with exhaust. May throw in the original prop. It was in my titanium frame before fitting the Mini 2.




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Bing 84 on MIni2:

Main 155 on fly flash trikes

Mine shipped with a 156

which is

1250-75 EGT @ 7400 pending conditions

100ll cools it a bit.

Jet needle/needle jets are all over the map depending on redrive setup.

Many don't reach peak HP of mini2 as shipped - WJ 3.1:1 redrive, Flat top is same or even 3.2:1 w/evo.

Nice video. 8)

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