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Suitable Headset & Icaro Helmet


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Hi all,

I'm interested in getting the Icaro Fly UL helmet for paramotoring and would like to have it fitted with a headset to use with a two-way radio and if possible my iPod.

http://www.icaro2000.com/Products/Helme ... Fly-ul.htm

Can anyone suggest what type of headset I would need? They have a list on their website but it all means nothing to me so any advice would be greatly appreciated.

http://www.icaro2000.com/Products/Helme ... nics.htm#2

Also, which radios would people recommend to work with the above??


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How handy are you at DIY?

I bought a pair of Peltor Optime III ear defenders with helmet mounts for about fifteen quid (new) then fitted some ANR inners with all the electronics, from Headsets Inc in the USA which were about a hundred pounds.

With some minor dremel work on the helmet mounts, they fit and look just like a set of Micro Avionics headphones for less than half the price (as they are ANR).

Very VERY quiet with the ANR turned on and quite quiet even without it, plug straight into an air band radio and connect to a 2m set with a simple adaptor. I have these fitted to an ICARO (2000 I think) helmet.


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Just about any of the forums contains horror stories about their antics. I have my own. Once they have your money, don't expect ANY further communications. You might be very lucky and get your kit, but the odds are not good.

Even Click & Buy the online payment system dropped them because of charge-backs.


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