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Paramania FUSION 29


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Can anyone clear up a contradiction on the fusion 29 all up weight for paragliding as the downloaded manual that did not come with the wing states 105kg but prior to this i had seen paperwork stating 115kg.

Also a friend of mine is thinking of buying one and he has had a brochure sent from UKPPG with the 115kg weight on it.

I hope the 115kg is correct or i will not be eating for a month or two cheers Alan.

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Hi Alan,

I have bad news for you.... but its 105 PG max (stated) and not 115.

The reason that I say (stated) is because I know that others are flying them wih a higher loading than that even.

But, 100% 105kg. pg weight Paramania Fusion 29.


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Cheers Simon,

looks like i will have to lose 10kg before April next year as i have booked a siv coarse, strange though that my mate has had a leaflet sent saying 115kg.

But less fat has to be good you do take the wings weight into the equation when calculating the all up weight I presume? because if you do it puts me at 98kg me, 9kg the wing, 6kg harness,

4kg reserve, total 117kg.

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As far as I understand it All up weight usually is including the wing itself. Try before you buy, I have sold a few 29's and everyone has been pleased with the efficiency/economy under power (most were 85-95kg pilots), I would assume this will translate nicely into free flight also. They could also be flying the 26 under power.

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