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Plea to pilots flying near Carlton Bank


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The North Yorkshire Sailing Club (UK) sites officer, John Lewis, has asked us to urgently call upon all paramotorists who fly in the area of Carlton Bank, a popular paragliding site in North Yorkshire, England, and pass on the following information: John says,

On Saturday 12 September 09 I received a telephone call from a rather upset landowner from Carlton Bank Horse Stud. The owner told me there were several paramotors low flying over the Stud and bridle path at the bottom of Carlton Bank where horses are exercised. For us to keep good relations with this landowner, who allows us to fly there, would Paramotors avoid this small locality especially the bridle path area?

Also, when organising paramotor events/weekends on the nearby Model Ridge site would you please advise NYSC so that we can pre-warn the local landowners that such an event is to take place?

Thank you.

John Lewis

(Sites Officer of the North Yorkshire Sailwing Club)

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I was there all saturday from 8am till 6pm and saw no one fly low over the farm at the bottom of the hill. Infact in the afternoon most people were free flying in the afternoon.

Paul Haxby arranged the weekend, so he might be able to help you on that.

Can't comment on the sunday as i wasn't there. But on the Saturday everybody was flying over 500ft apart from the landing area.

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