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Bit of advice please


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I popped out last night for a quick ground handle. Trying to get back into paramotoring it after a long break. There was next to no wind and I had mixed success with forward launches.

In order to improve my low/nil wind technique should I continue only ground handling until I get my totally technique sorted before strapping the motor on, or should I practice with motor too ? i.e. in your experience does the 'push' of the motor make low/nil wind take off easier than a no motor simulation?

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Practice and get it perfect without a motor first.

Then when you add the motor, after a very short time getting used to it on your back... you will find the launches easy with the help of power.

I don't advise loads of engine running practice though as this exposes you to prop damage and danger to yourself and others around you.

A few is clearly needed but keep it to a min, if you nail it.... take off.


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