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Okay .... after sometime reading alot on this subject and comparing prices new - versus - used I reckon I'm going to set myself up with a combo of both - new wing (opinions please) with used mechanics.

Used ENGINE (idealy with cage/frame) & cage/frame (if your'e only selling one or the other).

Don't care about asthetics, but so long as the engine has enough hp/kw - torque (with suitable prop diameter/pitch and engine/prop rpm ratio) to produce a genuine 70kg's thrust absolute min. If the piston is knackered, or the bearings shot ..... no prob's so long as the price reflects the damage - and it's repairable (loads of experiance working on 2/4 stroke motorcycle engines), I'll consider it. Electric start (starter working or not - non-issue)and prop clutch (again if needs to be repaired - non-issue, so long as its repairable) wuold both be good to have

CAGE/FRAME (used) .... again don't care for asthetics or minor dings, scratches bends (or even broken sections - I can weld/braze)

WING - mmmmmmm....... I think I'm going to buy new on this part, but if you have a Dudek Synthesis (31 sq/m) in as new condition and at a substatial saving over new retail - pass it by me and I'll sure give it some thought.

HARNESS ....... haven't decided about this - advice on which are comfortable and which are not would help me - so long as it works, is in decent nick and second to safety is comfortable, I'd probably take it at the right right price.

If you have any of the above lying around which you'd like to move on, drop me a note and a few digital pic's ... and we'll take it from there.

Thanx Guys


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I have something that may be of interest to you.

An Adventure Z4 with 315cc Zanzoterra engine, about 28-30 hp.

The engine is in good condition, it seems to have had little use. Ally cage in fair condition with usual Adventure 'body' and fuel tank. Adventure harness.

It does however have carburation problems, it doesn't want to get to full revs, it used to, but not now.

It starts (electric) ok, and runs but dies if you try to nail the throttle.

I don't really have the time to fiddle with it. I free fly and I have a PAP as well as an old VW camper that I am trying to 'do up' not to mention family etc!!

This is a short clip taken on my phone of a mate on the Z4 hanging from a crane.

Would probably be good on a trike too.

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