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Advice for a "newbie" please fellows:

Min/Max Weightings - manufacturers provide a min/max weight with their wing spec's - is this min/max "driver" weight only, or min/max "driver" + (motor + frame + cage) + fuel + anything else = min/max ?

Pretty sure it means all up weight (i.e. everything at take-off), but like all issues with this subject - better to be 100% than "thought so" and get it all wrong.

Wing loading - general consensus is fly on the higher side of the wing loading capacity, as opposed to the lighter side of wing loading capacity(?) - Correct/Incorrect?

At what point above/below manufacturers min/max weights, or wing loading do things start to get really out of hand (assuming still air and you've got yourself off the ground) - what would you (anyone - who ever) be saying to yourself, "Nope - not for me thanx - I'll give it a miss, thankyou" ? - express it as a percentage above/below, or lets put it like this:

Your all up take off weight/mass is 110kg's - wheres your min/max wing wing weight cut-off figure - would your fly with the wing if the manufacturer stated it was max'd out at 100kg? Would you fly if the winged was max'd out at 90kg's (and again assuming still air and you could run fast enough to get off the ground)?

Not withstanding what "it says on the box", I'm trying to get a feel for what most folk feel [is acceptable to them].

Thanx Guys

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Max wieghts are all up wieghts, thats not to say a wing wont fly when the all up wing loading is higher, its just that the wieght stated is that wich the wing has been tested for its certification, I have read that up to 10kgs over wieght is fine, but 20kgs is pushing it.

and yes you are right, being closer to the max is better than being closer to the min wieght.


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