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Yes it was good. Got to Exmoor in a bit over an hour on 4 litres of petrol.Nice to see my van again that my cousin had to use to get home the day before, so a flight with a purpose. Might be doing more of that. Used up half the rest of the fuel doing touch and goes and power landings, bit of thermalling too. That gets the juices flowing well. To top the day off, we got my 68 year old mate up with his H&E 120 for a half hour jolly and made his day. It was very rewarding to see him smiling and unscathed and with his prop in one piece. We had a laugh about it after, as he'd chosen to land in a field other than the one we'd designated, and the one he chose had a BULL in it. Luckily it was docile !!!!! I also made a jibe about BULL in another context, but I'm to knackered to ellaborate now. Suffice to say he was eyeing up my motor and fancies one with a lighter, punchy engine fitted to suit his needs, and make the sport easier and cheaper for him. Given me some ideas. Looking forward to the next time but for now I'm AFO (all flown out)


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