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Gin Airflex


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I got to go out with a demo Airflex on Tuesday, 29m though I need a 26m for my AUW of 110-115.

Its the first reflex wing I've flown and I must say it was realy nice. Conditions where fairly gusty on Tuesday at lunchtime so I would like to try the reflex in calmer conditions when I am more comfortable not having to fly actively. Full reflex is a weird feeling and its going to take a bit of getting used to, though with about half reflex in it felt really nice.

The wing with trimmers in neutral and below felt amazing, the turn on it is fantastic, you get a really nice roll into the turn and it felt very precise. The wing tip steering felt OK when in reflex and was more positive than I had imagined. Brake feeling is also very good, you get a good idea of whats happening and it only takes a short progressive pull to damp the wing when it gets out of shape. The speed range is awesome, after doing a few 360's to get a wind speed (24kph) I tried to get some speed measurements, probably not the most accurate as it was gusty but I gave it time and took the reading that was most constant. Trimmers full out no speed bar I got 52kph and trimmers fully in (Brakes up) I got 24kph.

Launching this thing is a piece of unadulterated child's pish, it kites so easily and launches like a dream (though the demo I flew is a 29m), Landing is also very nice.

Only slight problems are that the risers are quite long and I found it hard to reach the outer A's to put the ears in, not a huge problem on a paramotor but split A's would of made this a lot easier. Also the brake handles are a bit large and they do come close to the cage when on full power if they aren't on the magnets (OK this is avoidable with good piloting and attention)

Generally I loved it. But I would like to know just how close the Airflex is to the Fusion, same designer, same factory, released at a similar time. The Airflex has apparently had more input from Gin Seuk Song which cant be a bad thing but I am struggling to find any information on it. Has anyone got any clues as to the differences if any?


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Hi Dan

Sounds like you did a good test but are you sure about that unaccelerated trim-out(reflexed) speed? I've flown a 28 GT, a 26 & 29 Fusion, a 28 Revo, a 31 Nucleon, a 26 Sportster, a 28 Viper 2.... and none of them get anywhere near that in level flight unaccelerated, trim-out. Most I ever saw was 45kmh (Nucleon) with the real speed only coming with speedbar. Since all these wings have quite high speedbar pressure, 52 at trim-out would be very nice indeed. 24kmh hands up is also a very slow trim speed. Might be just the one I'm looking for!


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Hi Martin

Like I said above the day was pretty gusty so readings should be taken with a pinch of salt. I have now bought an Airflex 26 though have only had 1 flight so far. Next time I get out on a calmer day I will do some more tests and post them here. If you want to know anything about the wing just give me a shout and I will try to help. A demo is going around as I have now given it back, get hold of Mark Dann at Beyond Extreme and he should be able to hook you up.


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Does the AirFlex have the Supported leading edge like the Fusion,

The photo's and info I have seen suggest that it doesn't and is one feature I like about the Fusion and also on some APCO wings. I am a GIN dealer and the AirFlex come up at pretty much the same price as a Fusion.

No I have not demo'd one yet to compare, but it looks a nice wing, keep us all posted.

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The leading edge is Rigifoil but without the batons, strange as the batons are a Gin design as is the Rigifoil without batons. Can only assume Gin had a reason to not use them on the airflex, they are present on the Sprint and Boomerang. Also risers are suposed to be a little thinner and the WTS is set up from factory, still crappy prussic unfortunately! I will be at the Fly IN in oxford this weekend if you are around, you are more than welcome to have a close up look at it.

I love this wing, though I did not demo a Fusion so can't compare. Also its the first reflexed glider I have flown. To me this thing feels like a sports car. Handling is very precise and dynamic. The roll is fantastic. I have done my first spiral dives on this wing and also did some pretty big wing overs (for me), allways feeling in control with good feedback from the wing (the cruiser helps :wink: )


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