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I started up my paramotor today for the first time (new to this) I was wondering does anyone have the carb settings for a walbro 37, on the carb it has wb37c, I was told it was an upgrade from the original unit fitted (engine is a solo 210) reason I asked was after 20 secs ticking over, when I started to add power it was dying, I had to play with the throttle to get the revs up. I didn't run it as full speed as at 1/4 throttle it nearly pushed me over. and again when you throttle up it is very slow on the pick up. I would like to check the high and low mixture settings.

Also, assume 2% of oil in the fuel in old money is 50/1 mix?

should the fuel filter be completely full of fuel all the time, mine seemed to be only half full?

also the engine no is 2936, is this your old paramotor? if so get in touch I would like to know some history

does any one have a link to an exploded dia of the carb and possibly the whole f3 paramotor

Many advanced thanks for any help

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