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Hi guys, I've found a package on the web, for me to buy and start learning from it, cos I'm tired of hiring, and in the long run, its more expensive to hire. Number one is : www.aerothrustppg.org , and its the $5,999, with the wing, paramotor, helmet, suit, ect. The second one is the Parajet Volution, and its the package, but without the helmet and suit.

What other combination do you guys suggest apart from that? To remind you, I'm around 80Kg, and I'm on a tight budject.

Thanks for helping


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Can't comment on the power as I have not flown either but have had a chance first hand to compare the build quality, strength and design and I'd put my money on a Parajet. The Powertoy package is an amazing deal in money terms, but they are a bit of an unknown quantity as they have not been around that long (at least I have not heard a lot about them over here)

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