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when I use the speed bar......my legs get tired very quickly.....its a pain (well ) :roll: in the leg.....at the best of times my legs are not those of a tour de France cyclist.....I dont even run on a powered forward I just get blown into the sky :D

so it got me thinking if there could be a safe system of locking the bar in the fast position....and releasing it at a touch........some type of cleat, or ball in the bottle type of thing.. :?: ...Im working on it....any thoughts on the subject

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One system is to use hand operated speed bar lines, terminated in hooks that hook under your comfort bars or perhaps into your suspension Crabs. The idea is that they have a very shallow hook, so that if they become unloaded (in a collapse for instance) then they will unhook themselves.

I can not recommend or otherwise, as I have not tried the system.

Caveat emptor.

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