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Flight from Riyadh to Jeddah


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Just thought I would drop a post to let you know of a paramotor flight being made by my team mates between Riyadh and Jeddah, some 900Km. This is some challenge given the time of year. I flew the first leg with them yesterday morning, some 150km. everyone made it apart from me because I couldn't get my engine started after a fuel stop. The annoying thing was that I probably could have made it with the fuel I had!

The Fusion was great, open trim & full speed bar, my gps was indicating a ground speed of 88 km/h

I am driving to Taif this weekend to catch them up and hopefully fly the last leg to Jeddah. The flight from Taif I am told will be spectacular as we will be taking off from a height of about 2000m and flying down to sea level.

The guys are doing this flight to celebrate the recovery of Prince Sultan, the Saudi Minister of Defence and Aviation who has been ill for some time.


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Hello Alan,

That sounds fantastic the weather here has been dreadful you lucky man do they need any builders out there my late father worked in Saudi for a number of years.

Can you tell me the difference in speed between the speed bar on and off i have not flown with a speed bar on my paramotoring wing, although when i take it to Montenegro in September for a thermalling holiday i will be fitting the speed bar in paragliding mode, i am hoping that all the hype about the fusion being a duel purpose wing is true and i don't get laughed of the hill with my tail between my legs cheers, Alan.

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