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Mounting reserve on Adventure F3

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I want to mount a reserve on my F3 but the harness has no bridle routing so I was considering mounting it on the top of the cage behind my head. I know there are reserve containers for this purpose and a lot of modern paramotors have a location built into the cage for this.

I was just interested to know if anyone has mounted a reserve on their F3 in this way or any other and if so how?

Many thanks,


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Thought about it on my F3, but decided against as there was little space between the back of my helmet and the cage (try tipping your head back when strapped in), and also opinions are quite divided on how easy it is to deploy a 'chute from this position.

For routing, use velcro flaps/straps or perhaps even thin zip ties. These will provide something of a progressive break away in the event of a deploy. Make sure all straps will deploy clear of limbs, neck and obstructions on the cage (ie, if you fasten at the front or side, make sure your bridle comes outside the comfort bars, not behind them.

Hope that is of some little use, Phil

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Hi Phil,

The space behind my head was a concern of mine. I dare say it wouldn't take a lot to fasten some routing on the harness if I look further into it but your suggestions are useful so I might just look into that too.

Thanks for your input!


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