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Anyone in North Wales - Snowdonia?

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Hi All,

I've got some friends looking to climb Snowdon in August, and I'd like to take my paramotor and join them, and (if weather permits) try to get a flight either over Snowdon (preferably when they are at the top) or just around the area the day before (if I decide to hike up with them or if it's too dangerous around the mountain itself).

SO...Can anyone recommend a friendly place to take off and land in the area nearby...and maybe even go for a flight together??

I've been visiting the area for years and it would be really nice to see it from the air...and local knowledge is alway good to have. 8)

Thanks gents!

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When I climbed snowdon last, I camped here http://www.campinginllanberis.com/

They have several small fields, but there are usually lost of tents and people which is never good, but there are a couple of farms up the road from there which looked like they could be suitable (you could look up the terrain / satellite image on Google maps). It is entirely another matter whether the land owner will permit you to take off from there or not.

If you takeoff from somewhere near there, I would suggest that you fly this route http://picasaweb.google.com/nrml76/Snow ... 6725817138

There is lots of grassy space for emergency landings all along the whole way, but you will be affected by valley breeze if you descend into the valley to land. There is lots of bare rock, all along the way, so big thermals and lots of rotor are to be expected. If I were flying there, I would try to fly in nil wind non thermic conditions.

PS: I haven't actually flown snowdon. These are the observations and mental notes I made while climbing snowdon. Hope this helps.

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Funnily enough, that's the campsite I last stayed in...and yes...agreed...it'll have to be nil wind (or light breeze) non-thermic evening or morning for me. I might just stay away from the actual mountain and enjoy flying around the area. 8)

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