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Swing Mistral 5

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Does anyone have any experience of motorised flight on the new (2008) Swing Mistral 5? Or know of anyone who has. Any experiences would be welcomed.

Swing put it through full DULV testing for motorised flight with trimmers and it seems to have had good reviews from the PG community. I'm thinking about upgrading to this as I think it will satisfy both my current PG and PPG requirements and would prefer to stay non-reflex.


(Soon to be MistralFlyer ?? :D )

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Hiya doc,

Regards non-reflex.

Perhaps a bit of 'better the devil you know' but..

I do as much PG as PPG and I've always wanted a PG wing that I can use for PPG rather than the other way round. Plus I'm a bit of a swing convert after loving my arcus so much and having so many great experiences on it. A few guys I know free fly the Mistral and love it but I don't know anyone who uses it with a motor.

In PG I'm now looking for something with a bit more performance and If I can get that and a certified PPG wing in one then I'm thinking it could be the right way to go. I've no doubt that reflex wings free fly perfectly well but I'm yet to identify a need for the transition for my personal situation.

Catch up soon I hope.

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As you can see I didn't get too much response to the original question but I now have another one.

I have never used PPG trimmers (my last wing (Arcus) didnt have them).

My new Mistral arrived a few weeks ago (with factory fitted PPG trimmer risers) and I have done PG and PPG on it (very happy so far). But have not let the trimmers out yet to see what the effect is.

On the trimmers it says "Do not use until you have consulted the manual" but no manual came with the wing.

I have contacted swing and they say no manual exists which is "interesting".

So my question is. Are the guidelines for using trimmers on reflex and non reflex wings the same? If so what are they?

What are the dangers?

Is there a recognised way of letting them out? slowly, fast, together, one at a time?

What about use in combination with speedbar?

These are the Q's in my mind which have prevented me from letting them out in flight so far in order to test the speed increase.


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Hi Mistral Flyer.

I have recently purchased a new reflex wing but was using a PG wing with power risers previous to that.

please take my comments with a pinch of salt as I am no Sky God.

Most reflex wings can not use speed bar in slow trim as it changes the pressure in the wing and can cause a nasty and dynamic collapse. There is a video of an Action GT doing this on youtube somewhere.

The power risers as fitted to my Advance where effectively doing nothing more than the speed bar would of done (only backwards, letting rear up instead of pulling front down), I think they effectively gave 50% bar trimmers out with the rest left on the bar (don't quote me). Be careful though as when free flying the whole speed range may not be available on the bar alone, you may need a combination of bar and trimmers. This was the case with the Advance wing. I nearly got into bother as with the Advance trimmers you clip the trims in to the krabs to keep the wing certified but in that configuration you do not have the full speed range on the bar. This may well be different on your wing. I found out most of this by emailing Advance direct, they came back to me and told me everything I needed to know, I would suggest you do the same and ask specific questions to be sure of the intended use for the trimmers. To say they have no manual without answering a specific question would not be acceptable.

I would presume that when flying with trimmers out on a PG wing (this was the case on the Advance) that if in rough air then the use of trimmers would have the same effect on stability as using the bar but without the ability to let it off quickly. Therefore on a PG wing with motor, accelerated flight must be used with the conditions in mind as if a collapse were to occur then it would recover with a big old dive as the wing is still accelerated. unless you are confident you could alter the trimmers whilst the wing looks like a bag of washing!

I generally let trimmers out and take them in together (but not always), I don't think it really matters? It is known to have trimmers slightly offset to counter torque steer.



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