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I'm Still here!

I've managed to get quite a few hours under my belt over the last few weeks. I even managed to get permission to land at Haydock Park on a race day last week!

Arcus Flyer and myself went for a fly last night after a couple of hours of parawaiting!

I try to fly as much as I can after work during the week. Let me know if you want to come along.



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Hi Chris,

Still in the last few of my training flights so I am not sure I am ready to fly without the instructor as it were. Unfortunately the trip to Southport is a 2 hour round trip so kinda takes the shine of the flying and limits the days I can get up.

Will of course finish eventually and then I will be happy to meet up and fly with whoever is going in a nearby field. Yeah! :D

Till then, keep on checking the weather and watching my schedule and trying to fit in the hours.... :(


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Yes, missed a quality youtube moment watching Hammertime walking his synth over the top of his truck. Kept the parawaiting entertaining tho 8) .

Step aside Mad Mike Kung.

Lovely flight last night, really bumpy climbing out first 200 feet then smooth as anything (restitution?).

Had a great view of Hammertime in the setting sun wished I had me camera but elected to leave the it at home and take the camcorder whose battery died just b4 takeoff. Doh!


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