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Flyability and PPG

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I've included a quote from different thread which got me thinking! I didn't want to hijack that thread so started a new one.

Thanks Simon and Pete. We need to sneak you onto some wheels Pete. I feel a cunning plan brewing. Exchange rate looks betterer for da £ to da $

Talking of wheels, what's the BHPA stance on flyability with a paramotor. It's obviously promoted heavily for PG but seems to have been ignored for PPG.

It is probably counter to CAA regs but it must be worth investigating.

It seems to me that it would be extrememly prejudiced to not allow disabled people the same freedom to fly as able bodied peeps.

Apart from the obvious design issues and safety implications that would be involved in strapping a motor to a wheelchair there is always the option of a trike!

Maybe any legal boffins out there could work out if there was a 'loophole' which would allow someone disabled (or injured?) to fly in the spirit of flyability.

Raining again outside!


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No reason why Flyability shouldn't work with power, like it does with pg, aslong as the wretched insurance will play ball. Ditch the wheelchair and get the client into the proper passenger seat,probably. The trike I have in mind would cater well.

Loopholes probably wouldn't be developed easily, but wouldn't be needed either. I have a few mates who already have NPPL, PPL and one or two who fly bigger stuff. I look forward to being a passenger. 2 have tandem wings that would probably suit. The hang test will be fairly agricultural !


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I was thinking of the NPPL myself so I could use a trike in the future.

I think I will have to wait until the winter now though when things calm down a little, but hope to have it in place by next summer.


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