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Snowman Becomes FlyingDoc


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Hi All,

To celebrate my new wing and soon to be new motor I have had a new baptism and been renamed FlyingDoc. I haven't changed my Avatar yet if Norman would like to suggest one I would appreciate it.

No obvious reason for the name change but I am a Doc and I like Flying. Also the new wing has EternalYouth.CO.UK on it and underneath it says

"The Flying Cosmetic Doctor."

So I thought it just might fit.

So for now, no longer Snowman but FlyingDoc.

Life is fun isn't it???

Will have to think of new Theme tune too but then the Walking in the Air one was not very popular....


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Hiya doc, Well done for getting to the end of the training. Looking forward to flying with you soon. I went up to the pie n peas for the only forecast 4 hr flyable window of the bank hol wkend and had a nice flight before things got well and truly blown out. Have flown a few times at the MPG field and near blackburn last weekend. Getting frustrated with the crappy weather. I've posted this somewhere else but heres a vid of me and PK flying on a nice day that cropped up back in march.


Let me know next time you're out Meds bout time we all had a fly soon. :D


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