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Power risers

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I'm going to be using a SOL Ellus for paramotoring on an Adventure F3 with high hang points.

My questions is are power risers worth the investment for paramotoring using a normal paraglider wing? My main reasons are for the 2 hang point settings they have as I'm using a high hang point harness.

Secondly do the trimmers make a big improvement on the trim speed? The SOL paramotor risers give 5cm of trim travel.

Any input on this would be most useful.

Thanks in advance!


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The vendor selling the paramotor risers should also offer some detail on the trim speed adjustment they offer.

This assumes you're purchasing paramotor trimmer risers for a specific wing of course and the vendor tested them as such.

If you're thinking of combining any other wing/riser combination, please do understand what it may do to your wing geometry very well before inflating under them.

On my Free flight wing, "power risers" from the same vendor simply act as a speed system on the back of the risers rather than the front with toggles and buckles to set and forget for crabbing, speed or not.

The level of improvement is subjective to what you thought you had before and how it was used.

If you had tired legs from standing on the speedbar to penetrate, then 5cm trimmers may be a great addition if they hold the speed on for you. It's all relative. They are usually worth it as they are generally inexpensive, and offer you other ways to fly your wing that suit motor flight (torque compensation on cruise for one).

There's another thread on this here somewhere.

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Thanks for the info and advice.

There is no data as such as to the trim speed range the power risers offer but that could be due to the fact that they fit the Prymus 2 & 3 (DHV1), Ellus 2 (DHV1/2) and Synergy 3(DHV2) gliders in their range. By this I assume they share the same free flight risers too.

I have looked for another thread relating to this but no luck. If anyone can give me the link I would be most grateful!


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Thats great thanks. It has helped and from reading that it seems well worth the investment to get the power risers.

Every little bit of extra speed you can get from a normal paraglider wing under power is worth everything and I'm sure the 2 hang point settings will make it more comfortable to use with my F3's high hang points.

Thanks for the info!


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