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hello all just a question really , i have a friend with a reaction wing and when launcin in nill wind once up it falls off to the side. the wing is set up right and he is centre with the risers equal, now i fly an action and i never have a problem i am off the ground first time no energy to be doing it twice so get it right first time sort of thing. the way i do this is to aply presure on the a risers till wing above head then go to brakes as i am moving forward, build speed if i feel the wing going off i step in to it and apply opposite brake slightly dabbin. then apply both brakes just to unstick. I am up clean and safe every time, i do run fast to acheive this tho i feel that these wings do need a little more effort than a lot.

now to the point my pal with his reaction has been told to stay on the a risers till lift off could this be were he is going wrong?

i do find it strange to keep on the a risers till lift off due to the fact that if the wing goes off to one side how do you correct it if you have the risers and not the brakes in your hands?

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I tend to agree that this sounds like bad advice.

The Reaction is a little heavy and does require a little 'more' pressure on the 'A' lines than some other wings but I would stick to letting them go when the wing is over your head myself.

If the wing is into wind perfectly and the pilot is centered perfectly and even pressure is applied, the wing should come up nice and evenly. If its not. Look at the trimmers, lines and so on...

If its still doing it get it checked out as it could be a problem with the wing.

(also worth looking at the motor and connections, make sure that the connections are at the same height, not twisted......) In a nutshell look for anything aysemetrical.


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thanks simon my thoughts too , no motor involved uses harness only to practice , but he does stay on the a risers when i asked why he explained it says stay on them in he manual , i think he has misinterpreted the meaning

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In nil wind launches with my Action, I realease grip the A lines at the same point as normal, but apply pressure to them as i move foward and gather speed. It's important not to grip them, as you could tuck the leading edge.. When lined up right, and pulling in the direction of the wing.. it shouldn't go to one side...

Keep practicing on the ground until you get it right.

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yes i have an action and had no problems in nill wind launchin they are hard work but first time every time, its my pal on the reaction , he seems to think keeping on the a risers is what one does? i only keep on a risers till i know wing is above my head and presure has been released, he seems to keep hold of the a risers and try steer it with the a risers? very strange apparently he says the manual says so?

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