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swing arm low hangers :?:


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Swinging arm or roman scales are increasingly favoured by pilots who require weight shift input to their wings. Also the torque effect of the motor is eliminated as the lmore the torque twist the more weight shitft is automatically applied (provide the system is properly set up). Also the thrust line is directly at the bottom of the risewr set so the pendulum stability of the wing is exactly as the designer intended.

Dont forget to adjust brake length if changing a wing to a different system. the longer brakes on a wing set up for a high hang point machine will trail behind if you let go of them and get cought up in the prop.

High hang point will make a wing feel more stable but this is an illusion. The pilot is insulated from the reaction of the wing and is titally reliant on its inbuilt "passive safety" features.

PAP do a very good swing arm system and so do Parajet. There are others but I have not flown them.

This is all just my opinion of course.

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HELLO.. from my limited knowledge of flying and i being a novice.having low hang points can make take offs easier.and having high points harder. but with experience and time just like practice forward and reverse take offs e.g. youll get better. theres a article from norman about hang points also.my personel view only.FROM:0) LAWRENCE

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PAP do a very good swing arm system and so do Parajet.

This is all just my opinion of course.

Thank you guys, I have seen recently the new offset bars of PAP, using overhead shackles instead of the offset shackle of the Parajet, providing a similar anti-torque function (I imagine).

One's on the port side, one's on the starboard side, what fisik's lesson can be learned from that I wonder? What would happen if I switched them around or got them backwards?

...anti-torque theory 101 - where's the classroom, in England? I'll be waiting for "opinions" until I find the classroom.

Thanking you as always,

Marko D Reflexmonkey

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