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newbie says hi folks!

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I thought it was about time to come out of "lurker mode" :) I am also around half-way to getting my kit - I have a freeX pure and free-flight harness and reserve - that I bought on ebay - I sent it to the loft and mike replaced some lines for me. I got interested in the sport thanks to a colleague who has freely given his time and the use of his equipment to train me (btw he has flown my wing with his clemente motor and says I have a bargain and a very suitable wing to start out on). Last june 23rd I had my first flight - I will never forget it! The wing I flew was an Ozone Electron and the motor was I think a fly95 variant - anyway it had high hang points. Forward launch - and I got up to around 600 ft on a beautiful warm sunsetting evening over northamptonshire countryside. I remember being surprised at how cool the air became as I climbed. It was t-shirt hot on the ground! It was only a short flight and I was talked into land via the radio. So I am now saving for my motor - again I am afraid it will have to be a second-hand purchase, but hopefully by late summer I will be flying. I am intending to visit the alconbury fly-in for a day or so later this month and hope to meet some of you folks there.


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Hi Tony,

Welcome to the fold. glad to hear your enjoying it. Nothing wrong with secondhand Kit there are some real bargaines out there. All mine was bought off Ebay motor, wing, reserve, GPS, Vario, radio, gloves, helmet, flying suit, windsock and wind meter it can be a bit of a gamble but do your research you should be ok. If you can talk to the seller before you buy it helps a lot. If they dont seem to know about what they are selling I would be a bit suspect especialy in the wing/motor department. Apart from that its usually ok at least in my experiance. I think i spent about £2500 in total 1/3-1/4 new kit prices.

Hoping to go to the flyin myself and I belive a few of the other guys are going as well so hope to see you there. Cheers for now Col....

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Hi there, my first post here as well. Got my kit second hand through classifieds. Saved a fortune and got nearly new kit. Let someone else face the depreciation.

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