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Being 10kg over on a wing?


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I am about 15kg over the recommended weight limit on my Airwave Wave medium. I've flown my instructors large Wave and compared to that, the overloaded medium was significantly faster, turned quicker, had a higher sink rate, needed a slightly longer takeoff and had a slightly higher landing speed.

The overloaded wing felt much better to fly than the one within the correct weight range.

I believe fuel consumption will be a bit higer. The safety rating classification is no longer true for that wing when flown outside the manufacturers recommendations. Having said that, passive safety for paramotor wings probably depends more on resistance to collapse (which will be better with overloaded wings) than recovery from a collapse, which might be not as the manufacturer or testers predict the wing will behave normally. As long as you don't perform extreme aerobatics, the structural integrity of the wing is not in doubt even if you significantly overload the wing.

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[quote="meds"................. glide angle a little steeper ...............

Glide angle will be the same, but you will move down it faster.

If you understand the Polar curve; you can just move it down and right slightly in the graph, to reflect the higher speed and sink rate, then you can see that you have a faster stall speed, but you will be less likely to stall it, because more brake pressure will be required to stall. You can also see you have a faster speed to fly to get best sink rate and best glide angle.

Paul D

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