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Wing loading advice.


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Hi guys,

Forgive me if I ask a question that has already been covered but I have searched and not found a specific reply.

I know that we are encouraged to pick a wing size based on our weight. I also know that we are recommended to aim at the upper end of the published weight range and this increases stability, speed and agility.

I am 76kg 5'4" and I am looking at a motor which weighs roughly 25kg. I am a beginner

I have been recommended a Revolution 26 which seems well within range but I am currently trying to loose a little weight and may be able to get down to about 70kg.

Is this therefore still the right wing for me?

Also if by losing weight I drift into the lower end of the weight range for that wing what are the plusses and minuses of this?

Am I more prone to collapses?

Will I get a slower takeoff speed and therefore a shorter takeoff?

Will I also get a slower landing speed?

Will I have less weight shift control of the wing?

Does it have any effect on the stall speed?

Would I be better off with the 24?

Sorry it is such a lot of questions.

Thanks in advance

Snowman :)

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Lots of questions, and you seem to know the answers to all of them already...

75KG is perfect for the Revo26 (I'm bang on that weight), and if you loose weight do remember to also add a few KG's for your reserve, flying kit like fuel/boots/helmet/gps/camera so you will still be right in the middle of the PPG weight range for the 26, you may not lose all the weight anyway. Being heavy on a 24 will make it a bit more interesting to fly, and you will be right at the top of that weight range.

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